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Gold Eagle College Scholarship Grant

We offer college scholarship grants to students taking up Education, BS Mathematics and BS Statistics courses.  Every year, we give college grants to students enrolled in the College of Education, Mathematics and Statistics at the University of the Philippines. Diliman.  Similar grants are given to students enrolled in Education in five selected State Universities in the provinces. The scholarship covers tuition, miscellaneous fees, book allowance, and monthly stipend. Through this scholarship, we hope to encourage academically gifted individuals to pursue a teaching profession, so that they can help improve the quality of the next generation of Filipinos. 

 Moderator and speakers during the Alt+Tab: Shifting to the Next Normal webinar for teachers and college students, 2020.

Current and graduate scholars from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, graduate scholars from Benguet State University, Bohol Island State University, Central Mindanao University and Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, and College Scholarship for Employee Dependents scholars during the 3rd Leadership Summit and the 50th Anniversary of the Insular Foundation, 2019

Aurora State College of Technology scholars, 2019

Bohol Island State University scholars, 2018

Graduate scholar, Claire Marie G. Olaivar, with her mother and Insular Foundation Chairman and President, Nina D. Aguas, 2017

University of the Philippines - Diliman scholars give back, 2014

University of the Philippines - Diliman new scholars, 2013

University of the Philippines - Diliman new scholars, 2012