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Who We Are

Insular Foundation, Inc. is the corporate giving subsidiary of Insular Life. It is one of the first corporate foundations in the country.

Since 1963, it has served thousands of school children attain higher education and achieve a better life through scholarship grants for college students and has helped teachers improve their profession. The Insular Foundation has always believed that investing in the development of the nation’s human resources through education and through caring for the environment are steps toward making life better for our country and our people.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for human development in the communities we serve

Our Vision

To be the committed partner in building self-reliant communities for the Filipinos

Board of Trustees

Nina D. Aguas


Raoul Antonio E. Littaua

Vice - Chairman

Maria Noemi G. Azura


Ma. Antonia E. Lim


Wilfredo S. Madarang, Jr.


Maria Rosa Aurora D. Cacanando

Trustee and Treasurer

Atty. Renato S. De Jesus

Corporate Secretary

Atty. Analyn S. Benito

Assistant Corporate Secretary

Ana Maria R. Soriano

Executive Director