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Dec 13, 2015

The Insular Foundation Scholars: From Selfie to Selfless

What do we really know about the millennials? Some would say negative things about them while others would applaud them. They may seem like disasters waiting to happen but they can also be masters in the making.



The millennials are also considered the “Selfie generation.”  Can you believe it, the word “selfie” is already in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and is defined as ‘an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.’ Tagged as “The Me, Me, Me Generation” by the TIME Magazine back in 2013, today’s teenagers and young professionals are often considered as self-entitled.


The millennials or Gen Y, are generally classified as individuals born from 1982 to the early 2000’s. Though they are more opinionated and confident, they are often more anxious with the opinion of their peers and mentors, and would often doubt themselves. Really, they are just waiting for someone to believe and guide them the right way.


Gen Why?

The college students of today  belong to this generation.  They show great potential in that they usually challenge the norm, are creative and are able to think outside of the box. They utilize what they have and are quick to think; they can multi-task so easily. They know about the latest trends in technology, food, fashion or anything that is “hip”. And yet, among this generation, you will also find individuals who are engaged in mitigating social issues, such as conserving the environment, improving health, alleviating poverty, and improving the quality of education. It will be easy to find a millennial involved in social entrepreneurship.


Insular Foundation and the Millennials

The millennials are now the college students that The Insular Foundation is helping to break economic and social boundaries because priority is given to students from public schools.   The Insular Foundation has always believed in the potential of our young people to make a big difference in society. Since it was established in 1963, it has put its resources in providing access to quality education for those who are financially challenged yet deserving of educational support.


The Insular Foundation offers bright but financially challenged students the chance to study in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, either under Bachelor of Science in Education or Mathematics. Beginning academic year 2015-2016, this scholarship program was expanded to include five State Universities/Colleges namely: Aurora State College of Technology, Benguet State University, Bohol Island State University, Central Mindanao University and Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology.


Why focus on these courses alone? Insular Foundation Administrator, Ana Maria Soriano explains, “We all have a favorite teacher for reasons that differ from each other. But whatever our reason is, one thing is certain, our favorite teacher has had a positive influence and impact in our lives, that even up to today, we recall her/him with fondness and appreciation. Great teachers produce great minds. If educators are well educated, students will learn more and better. But Education is seldom a course that the best and the brightest high-school graduates would take in college. They would usually take a course which has a bigger potential for earning high income in the future, and we do not fault them for that. What we are offering in our scholarship is to give a higher incentive to those who belong to the top 10 of their graduating batch and are already inclined to become educators. We “sweeten the pot” so to speak, by providing scholarship that covers tuition and miscellaneous fees, book and transportation allowances and stipend.”


“On the other hand, we offer scholarships to students enrolled in Mathematics as a talent pool for future Actuaries in the country. The entire insurance industry, where our parent company, Insular Life, belongs cannot function without actuaries.



We all know that this generation is all for pushing the limits. #YOLO, remember? They are always up for challenges that could test their skills and make them better. For this reason, the Insular Foundation conducted a Leadership Forum entitled “Informed, Inspired, Empowered” for the 46 scholars of the Foundation.


For Arnel Joseph Pasia, a 4th year Secondary Education major, “teaching has to come from an inner desire to lead the future generation towards empowerment.” Katherine May Deveza, a SPED Education alumna now working at the International School Manila, mentioned that “a person should serve first without expecting and asking for a reward.” The forum gave “wisdom and ideas that can help improve not just teaching, but in life as a whole” to 2nd year Secondary Math & SPED major Patrick Ian Arcilla.


Gen Zzzz No More

With proper mentorship, Gen Y teachers will be able to connect with, inspire and empower the next generation of Gen Z students. It will probably take a good set of Gen Y teachers to awaken the Gen Z students so that they would, in turn, become the stewards of the next generation. Trust Insular Foundation to continue helping the future generations of teachers to come. In the hands of this new brand of Gen Y people, the future is not going to be bleak after all. Indeed, from selfie to selfless.