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Bamboo Community Adoption for Carbon Footprint Offsetting

The program was introduced to uphold the importance of a healthy ecosystem by helping diminish our carbon footprint. We adopted 1.8 hectares in Lubao, Pampanga to reforest the area with bamboo plants. The area to be reforested through the help of Insular Foundation and the Philippine Bamboo Foundation in partnership with government agencies will showcase the potentials of bamboo in stabilizing the riverbanks and controlling soil erosion.  It will be developed further into an eco-tourism destination with small scale bamboo processing facilities, which also serves as benchmarking site to other LGUs from different regions.

Mang Mar of Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco Park show bamboo amplifiers produced on site, 2019

Inlifers take a look at the variety of bamboo products available at the Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco Park, 2019

InLifer, Lenie Arena, plants her bamboo sapling, 2019

InLifers pose for a photo during the bamboo planting activity, 2019